Lean Physique

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This is much more than your typical run of the mill weight loss pill.

Rosa Acosta’s Lean Physique is here to change the industry:

Details: Rosa Acosta’s Lean Physique contains pharmaceutical grade dose of key ingredients that synergistically increase thermogenesis, significantly improve mood, increase reaction times...especially when you’re tired, enhance cognitive performance and or brain function, suppress appetite, and overall improve athletic performance in the realm of speed, power, muscular torque, and work capacity. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! This Innovative product is loaded with powerful nootropics that are capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier and not only increase mental focus and clarity but also increase the ability of the right and left sides of the brain to communicate which in turn increase the creative thought process and higher quality work output.

Whether you work in front of a computer all day and could simply benefit from a few more hours of clear mental focus to accomplish a task or are a student studying for a major test .Or need motivation just to get through your training and to help shed a bunch of pounds off the belt line as an added bonus, work the grave yard shift and need a pick me up that will last a good 10-12 hours so you can get more out of your day. A gymrat or veteran competitive Athlete trying to shred off those last couple of unwanted pounds. Motivation is the one supplement that can solve all your needs.

Here is in short how Lean Physique works:

1-It increases mental focus and thought process for faster reaction time to deal with adverse circumstances in the gym or the work place. So now you are much more energized and motivated to do your work outs and deal with everyday problems outside of the gym.

2-Reduces appetite so you will eat less, It will also reduce cravings greatly so when you do eat you will not binge on sweets or carbohydrates.

3-By eating less and doing more you will cause a caloric deficit which is the perfect scenario for fat loss. Notice we said fat loss not weight loss. There is a very important difference between the two. Fat loss is what we all want, trust us on that.

4-The ingredients in Lean Physique also act as mild diuretics to remove excess water and bloating from underneath the skin and abdominal area in women which in turn reveals more defined and tighter midsection and overall appearance.

For full information, please download the Lean Physique Information Sheet

Lean Physique